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Mr Vacation Home


Selling your Vacation Home

Mr. Vacation home has a team of experts that will guide you through the   “10 Steps to selling your home” 

To get the best price for your home we don’t just advertise locally.

Mr. Vacation Home advertise globally in over 100 languages. We work with investors from all around the world. 
We make the entire process, as simple as possible. We work with clients all around the world and understand the different time zones. It does not matter if you live here or outside of Florida, we will take care of every detail.  Technology allows us to communicate with you every step of the way and provide you with weekly updates. 
Our team has sold hundreds of homes.

We do what we love, and we love what we do!!!


Documents Needed

What we need from you to sell your home.

  1. Name of property management company with contact details.

  2. Name of your CPA ( Accountant ) FIRPTA tax code have the ability to withhold 15% of the sale if you live outside the US if you have not completed all your tax affairs. This money can take over 6 months to get back. Talk to your CPA about this.

  3. Warranty paper work for the home or appliances

  4. List of bookings you have in place, provide dates and revenue from bookings. Please provide calendar of bookings to allow us to plan viewings of your home.

  5. List of utility suppliers

  6. Mortgage company info if you have a loan on the house.

  7. HOA contact information and monthly dues.

  8. CDD information if you are paying one. The amount per month

  9. Who owns the property?  Legal names with contact information

  10. Address of the property and access codes/keys.


This information will help us to make a smooth transition from you to the buyer.

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